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havin a smoke


aaand just comment here if you're interested in this affiliate thing.
havin a smoke
¶ 100 durarara!!
✖ izaya, kida, shizuo, kasuka
¶ 25 devil may cry
✖ dante, vergil, nero
¶ 21 kuroshitsuji
✖ ciel, sebastian, claude
¶ 11 d.gray-man
✖ lavi, kanda
¶ 10 sekaiichi hatsukoi
✖ ritsu, takano, hatori, chiaki
¶ 10 junjou romantica
✖ nowaki, hiroki, miyagi, shinobu
¶ 6 loveless
✖ ritsuka, soubi

credits & comments are optional but both are very much loved and appreciated! ♥


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26 Mar - jiggy pepper!
havin a smoke
I just loooooooove this page ♥

tegami bachi
✖ jiggy pepper


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havin a smoke
THESE ARE FOR KATY, MOSTLY. But of course anyone can use them.

Sengoku Basara, crossed with Durarara!! and Gintama
♥ 14 Motochika Chosokabe, 6 Masamune Date, 4 Yukimura Sanada, 2 Hijikata Toshiro


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22 Mar - im a genius
havin a smoke
monta (tridents) coloured a manga thing today, of Libra. And couldn't find a way to make the icons work! Sooooo I took it upon myself to do that :) 5 times!

♥ 10 Libra

being cool

havin a smoke
Made a lot of DRRR!! today.

This time just 'cause I got caught up in looking at a lot of Kida tags on tumblr. And pasting, and pasting, and pasting. In fact, I made it to the end on the 'masaomi' tag.

♥ 30+ Masaomi Kida, 10+ Izaya Orihara, 3+ Shizuo Heiwajima
       incl. Kizaya, Shizaya, group icons.


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havin a smoke
Woohoo, I just made a bunch of loveless. Because I'm going through an obsession right now ♥

24 Loveless


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havin a smoke
Here's a list of resources I use.

For programs I use SAI and Photoshop, and that's basically it. I get my images from minitokyo.net and while randomly browsing, so if you ever ask me for a source then the chance you'll get one is unlikely.

Note: Not all sites are listed. This is because I've downloaded a lot of textures in the past, and I just don't know where they came from as I didn't list them at the time. I'm 95% sure that the ones I collected are from sites that don't require credit, but I'm not 100% sure on that, so in the extremelytinytinytiny chance you recognise yours/a friend's/someone's texture/brush/whatever being used, just let me know?

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havin a smoke
Now here's the manga colourings I posted there, again so I can have them in my community ♥
This is the last batch of "old" things, everything else will be new~!

Contains D.Gray-man: Lavi, Kanda; Kuroshitsuji: Ciel, Sebastian.

No preview, it's just too big and annoying! Haha.

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havin a smoke
I used to post my icons over at tridents under a different name, and for my own organisation, really, I've collected my favourites and am going to list them here.

24 Kuroshitsuji
14 Loveless
12 Junjou Romantica
10 Devil May Cry
6 D.Gray-man
4 Durarara!!
4 Gintama
3 Sengoku Basara


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